The Overview of TOI

The Thypin Oltchick Institute (TOI) for Women's Entrepreneurship @ F·E·G·S Is Unique

We Match Entrepreneurs and Resources

TOI, launched in May 2006 by an endowment to F·E·G·S recommends professional resources to women of all ages who want to become entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Institute is unique - it is a matchmaker for entrepreneurs, introducing them to the most reliable experts and services for their business needs in the Greater New York Area. The Institute continually adds to its expansive network of partners who create individually tailored business development strategies for its clients.

Answers to How to Start a Business. TOI's resources are available to anyone who wants to own her own business but is not sure how to go about doing it. It is the starting place for New York area women who are asking themselves essential first step questions:

  • Is starting my own business right for me?
  • How would I go about it?
  • Am I picking the right business?
  • What do I need to do first?
  • Where do I get the correct permits and licenses?
  • How do I finance?
  • Should I have a mentor who knows my business or one with particular skills?
  • How important is a website?
  • How do I budget?
  • What do I charge?
  • How do I measure my business' potential and success?
  • We offer quarterly panel discussions open to the public on these questions and more.

Thypin Oltchick Institute Services

The Thypin Oltchick Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship @ F·E·G·S is a program of F·E·G·S Health and Human Services System. The Institute's services are offered at no charge. Programs generally include a panel of experts who discuss essential aspects of starting, maintaining, and growing a small business. In addition, our seminars also host representatives from many governmental, voluntary, and business organizations who are there to provide materials and consultation at no cost. Attendees can schedule future consultations. These partners include Federal, state and local government programs in addition to those of associations and other organizations geared to the entrepreneur. See Partnerships.

The Oltchick family has provided the private support which enables the Institute to evolve with the needs of the women it supports.

The Thypin Oltchick Institute Three Year Accomplishments 2006 - 2010

  • More than 482 businesses were started
  • More than 600 jobs were created
  • Institute became THE SOURCE for information exchange for women seeking to start a business
  • More than 1,800 individuals have used The Institute's services
  • 300 Entrepreneurial partners and sources recognized and collaborated with The Institute to counsel our individuals
                Accomplishments Report

Fabianne Wolff Gershon, Director
The Thypin Oltchick Institute (TOI) for Women's Entrepreneurship @ F·E·G·S
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